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***New Service Menu with updated massage and other services will be available in June 2023!  We will be adding integrative massage services as well as new lymphatic services, intraoral/buccal massage, cupping, Qi Beauty with magnetic static therapy, retreats/rituals, and several new options.  These services are available now, so please contact us for booking those or choose the Anything Goes option.


Anything Goes Facial

This is the wild card of facials, and curated to your specific needs, skincare, and wellness goals.  This all encompassing facial has no limitations on modalities, specialty products, or equipment used.  This personalized facial is perfect for achieving healthy, glowing skin, all while relaxing the body and mind.   

75 minutes  $153    90 minutes  $173    120minutes    $193


Abdominal Treatment

Get things flowing and glowing with a midsection treatment tailored to your needs.  Enjoy LED light therapy, sculpting tissue work, and manual lymphatic drainage for another “beauty meets wellness” service.  This combination aids in collagen stimulation, inflammation and bloating reduction, skin texture improvements, boosting the immune system, detoxification and nourishment on a cellular level, and cellulite reduction.  Available as a stand alone or add on to any facial or body treatment.  If you are interested in the "add on" option, please request in the notes during booking.

Add on mini abdominal treatment   $76    75min  $156    90min   $176   120min  $196


Glow Getter Lift and Flow

Manual lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, and sculpting facial massage are the perfect powerhouse for that stunning glow.  This trio provides the ultimate workout and drainage to sculpt, lift, and reduce puffiness for your healthiest skin.  Enjoy this lovely combination along with the benefits of infrared therapy as you drift off into a state of dreamy relaxation on a crystal infused BioMat.  This treatment also includes a  customized and botanically infused blend of deep cleansing, exfoliation, masking, and a cocktail of serums for radiant and glowing skin!  

90 minutes   $171       120 minutes    $191


The Holistic Facelift

This is my personal power house of facial treatments,  and a complete game changer with incredible results!  Enjoy the classic fundamentals of a facial with a custom cleanse, exfoliation, mask, and personalized cocktail of finishing serums.  The real magic happens with a blend of Vodder's Manual Lymphatic drainage and sculpting facial massage.  Drift away as your muscles are manipulated on a fascial level to stimulate collagen fibroblasts within the tissues and melt adhesions and tension(great for jaw/TMJ pain and neck/shoulder tension).  Enjoy the amazing benefits of Vodder's advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage which detoxifies by removing toxins and waste, clearing stagnant congestion causing fluid, and deliver nourishing nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, while removing puffiness, hydrating the skin, and leaving you with a glowing and brightened complexion.  This blend of modalities not yields amazing esthetic results, but it is incredible for the immune system as it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, putting you into the ultimate state of rest, relaxation, and restoration.  Talk about beauty rest!  As with all treatments at Piper Blue Esthetics, enjoy the amazing benefits of infrared therapy with the crystal lined Biomat.

120 minutes    $189


Just Rub My Face

Just here for the massage??  This treatment has your name written all over it.  Enjoy the classics with double cleansing, exfoliation, a luxurious mask, sealed with a cocktail of serums and moisturizers personalized just for your skin.  The star of this show is the blend of face melting massage techniques, freeing you of neck, face and head tension.    Drift away as you enjoy a hand and arm, as well as foot and leg massage, finishing up with a complimentary scalp massage.

75 minutes     $151     90 minutes    $171


Gua Sha Glow and Sculpt facial

Enjoy an ancient Chinese technique, Gua Sha uses different shaped tools ranging from jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and other gemstones used for moving stagnant fluid while increasing lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation, and increasing circulation, all for healthier skin.  This helps to aid in blood flow, which helps to plump lines and wrinkles, clear acne, brighten skin tone, and sculpt and lift soft tissue.  Acne can often be caused by stagnant lymph and fluid sitting in the facial area.  Gua Sha also helps to relieve sinus congestion and sinus related headaches.  This helps with those classic sinus symptoms like puffiness, dark circles, and pressure.  Enjoy a customized treatment including deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extended Gua Sha, a mask, and cocktail of serums and moisturizer.  Complimentary hand and arm massage included, as well as the wonderful benefits of an infrared BioMat.  Additional add ons are available to enhance your treatment. 

75 minutes   $151     90 minutes   $171


Calm, Clear and Flow Acne Facial

Let me customize a plan of action to clear your acne woes.  This facial includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleanse, customized exfoliation, extractions, a mask, LED blue light treatment, partial Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD), and a moisturizer.  Enjoy a hand and arm or foot and leg massage during your light treatment.  The LED blue light treatment is exceptionally effective in killing acne-causing bacteria, and calming the skin.

75 minute   $154w/extensive MLD    $167  w/CBD infusion   $165     w/ extensive MLD and CBD infusion  $177


Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Vodder's MLD(manual lymphatic drainage) is an advanced massage technique that uses light touch therapy to move the lymphatic system, clearing out stagnant fluid, while removing waste and toxins, and allowing nutrients and oxygen to nourish the tissue.  This detoxifying process reduces inflammation and puffiness, resulting in hydrated, glowing, and brighter, freely flowing skin.  This modality is not only esthetically pleasing, but it is also an incredibly immune boosting and relaxing treatment, as it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system for amazing overall wellness.  This facial also includes a custom blend of cleansing, light exfoliation, mask, and serums.  

75 minutes   $154


Glow Up Mind, Body, Rest and Restore Ritual

Coming soon!!  Start your restorative journey with a cup of select organic tea as you drift away with a warm CBD herbal foot soak.  Afterwards, slip onto a cozy table, warmed with a crystal lined, infrared BioMat for soothing sore muscles and inflammation.  Enjoy a 75 minute customized facial including a Winter Woes hand and foot treatment.  Finish up with a complimentary Gua Sha and hand scalp massage.  Want to create your own customized ritual?  Feel free to contact us to create your own personalized ritual.  This ritual is only available at the Lexington location studio.

120 minutes   $235


*Add on* LED Treatment

This non invasive light therapy provides a multitude of benefits at the cellular level!  Each program is specifically designed for certain skin care issues.  LED light therapy works wonders at killing acne bacteria, stimulates collagen and elastin for anti aging, overall clarity and texture, and even includes infrared for pain reduction and healing.  



*Add on*  Winter Woes Hand Hydration Treatment

Suffering from dried out hands?  Whether it be from all the hand washing or the colder temps, let's repair your skin barrier.  We start with a skin brushing, followed by a cocktail of super nourishing skin serums, sealed with an antioxidant rich balm.  Melt away your worries as your hands are wrapped in heated mitts, while enjoying the rest of your relaxing treatment.  Finish with an amazing hand and arm massage to seal your hands with maximum hydration.  



*Add on* Facial Cupping

Small facial cups are used for moving stagnant fluid while increasing lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation and puffiness, and increasing circulation, all for healthier skin. This add on service can also aid with sinus issues and pressure.  



*Add on* Dry Brushing Treatment

Enjoy this lymphatic moving service that aids in detoxification, increases circulation, and exfoliates dead skin cells.  Get your lymph system going with a full body dry brushing using a thick bristled brush.  




Virtual Skin Consult

Enjoy a personalized skin consult virtually.  Let’s do some detective work, and tackle your skincare woes together.  This service is not bookable online, so please contact to schedule.

30 minutes   $49


Virtual Gua Sha Instruction

Learn a beginner’s Gua Sha routine for at home self care.  The workshop is available for $43 for those who purchased a Gua Sha tool from me.  Gua Sha instruction for those who have purchased their own tools is $55.


Virtual Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology Consult

Learn how to stimulate different points and areas on the face that coincide with different organ systems within the body to help relieve symptoms, pain, and so much more.  This service cannot be scheduled online.  Please contact for booking info.

30 minutes   $53


Virtual Spa Wellness Stress Management Program

Coming soon!  Learn your individual body constitution, and the best methods for stress management, sleep, self care, and overall wellness for you.  Please call for more pricing and information.


Virtual Gua Sha Party

Who would love to learn at home Gua Sha techniques with their favorite friends or colleagues?  Book a group Gua Sha party, and learn an amazing modality to use at home.  Please contact for more information on booking and pricing.


Virtual Holistic Wellness Party/Worskshop

Want a fun group experience learning about holistic facials and wellness?  Grab your friends, and have a safe and fun time learning about holistic modalities to incorporate into your personal self care.  Contact for more details to customize your virtual gathering with modalities like dry brushing for the body and face, Gua Sha, holistic skincare, and much more.